Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Global Smartphone Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Global Smartphone Industry - Essay Example Further Porter’s five forces will enable to analyze the competitive forces of Nokia. In the part about sstrategic alliances and global competitiveness the BCG matrix will represent Nokia’s portfolio. In the part about the organizational structure of Nokia a McKinsey model will establish connections between areas that influence the the company’s performance. The 21st century has brought significant changes into the different spheres of human lives. Thus, energy conservation, openings in genetics as well as new technology are now the integral part of every society. Modern technology is the most noticeable because people use different devices such as mobile phones for their everyday purposes. This technology now accelerates the speed of information processing allowing sharing of the real-time information and communication between people. Moreover, such a small device as smartphone opens more potential for businesses, it is used in education purposes, its social meaning is great today. While the global traditional phone market is struggling with the recession as a result of the global economic downturn, the market of smartphones is growing. So the competition between the biggest manufacturers and providers grows as well. The following paper will examine the smartphone industry competitiveness, evaluating the nature of the industry competit ion that Nokia, a Finnish multinational company, faces in front of new mobile operating systems. Further it will discuss the impact of the global smartphone industry competition on Nokia’s smartphone market share and income. It will carry out a critical assessment regarding Nokia strategic alliance with Microsoft. The nature of the competition between different organizations in numerous spheres around world is changing. Due to the financial capital are still deficient and markets are inconsistent. All these factors call constant changes in all areas of business environment. Other features of the modern

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