Thursday, February 27, 2020

Critical Thinking Exposition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Critical Thinking Exposition - Essay Example Critical Thinking Exposition Essay Another viewpoint is that of Deshler who saw it as a form of thinking that welcomes change. Although the above definitions vary depending on the scholar’s orientation, in much more simple terms it can be conceptualized as a deliberate, self-disciplined and self-guided thinking process which encourages quality reasoning at the highest possible level. Critical thinking is a process that should have many definitions because it has multiple dimensions and aspects that characterize its nature as demonstrated by Brookfield. There is no doubt that it is a higher cognitive skill that drives people to use reason to overcome their environment. Admittedly, critical thinking is not automatic and because it is a deliberate effort to diminish the propensity for shallow thought that feeds the ego. Therefore, individuals who are critical thinkers are extremely self disciplined in the use of intellectual tools developed by scholars, researchers and theorists. They use these tools to adapt, alter and apply concepts and principles that guide their actions and which form their beliefs. Critical thinking is extremely self-reflective in its discipline because people are not perfect and they often fall prey to irrational thought, self interest, biases, prejudice and distortions. Therefore, in agreement with Brookfield, it involves defining assumptions and challenging any flaws and gaps in knowledge.

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